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Ride for Saturday, Apirl 14th, 2018, 8AM

Lawrence Silverberg

Hello CitiBeemers.

As of today the weather Saturday (2018-Apr-14) looks really nice with a high of 78! (Finally!)

Joshua and I are planning on riding Saturday AT 8am. I can't speak for Josh, but I may ride Sunday also. Anyone else interested in Saturday?

NOTE: this is not a replacement for the usual Sunday ride, just an additional opportunity to see your CB friends and ride.

I have two rides that I've planned for you(pl) to choose from.

Option A: 2 hours, 78 miles to Sit-N-Chat diner in Franklin NJ with riding through Harriman, Clinton Road and lots of "twisty-ness"!

Option B: 3 hours, 72 miles to Cracker Barrel in Fishkill with riding through Rockland, Bear Mountain, cross Bear Mountain Bridge, and some new twisties in Putnam county.

See pictures below.