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Home of the CitiBeemers Motorcycle Club of New York City and Vicinity 

We are the men and women of the New York City area who enjoy and ride BMW motorcycles.

We are professional mechanics, software developers, and university professors. We are doctors, cops and lawyers. We are construction workers, sales people, and closet novelists. We are artists, tradesmen, heads of companies, maybe people between jobs and who knows what else.  We are old riders, young riders, male riders, female riders, all with a love of BMW Motorrad!

It doesn't matter what one does for a living, , , motorcycle riding is the bond that brings us all together !!!

Note : This website is not actively used for current club information and activities.  It is used primarily as a way of people finding us, paying dues and a few other functions.


Current information is found on our Private Facebook Group Page called “ CitiBeemers Members” !!! … (not the old “CitiBeemers” page)


Prospective members can go there and request a 30 day viewing opportunity to see current activity and then possibly request to ride with us.
The Club has a rule that Prospective Active/ Riding Members MUST ride with us 2 or 3 times (3 times is the maximum) prior to requesting membership. This does not apply to Associate Non Riding Members.

By that time, Both the Club and the Prospective Member will be able to determine if they are a good fit for each other.
We are a very active, experienced motorcycle riding club that sometimes ride a little spirited.  Unfortunately, this is not a club for new or inexperienced riders.  Once experienced, then all BMW riders are welcome to apply.

Edited April 2024

Sunday Ride


Location: State Line Lookout off the Palisades Parkway northbound , between exits 2 and 3, nine miles north of the George Washington Bridge. (map)  Please be aware that if the weather conditions make it unsafe to ride, we won't ride.  This is more common in winter when black ice may be present with near-freezing temperatures.

  • Arrive 8:00 AM (April 1 to October 31st) and 9 AM (November 1 to March 31)

  • Show up with a full tank of gas and ready to ride.

Please check out our Ride Your Ride Section for information on group riding rules. 


We invite members and non-members to ride with us, as long as they wear proper protective gear , a full-face helmet,  riding jacket, pants, boots and gloves.  Their bike is in good working order,  they display a mature, non-competitive attitude and they abide by the rules listed below. Any rider who violates these rules may be asked to leave the group ride. 

1. By showing up for a ride you assume all responsibility for yourself and your bike. You understand that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous sport and agree to hold the club, its officers, other members and guests harmless if anything should happen to you while riding with the group, before the ride, or after the ride. 


2. Abide by all traffics laws.  If you violate any traffic laws, you are responsible for any consequences. 

3. Ride you own ride. You must be aware of the limits of your skills, abilities and experience, and ride accordingly. Do not exceed your comfort level by trying to keep up with a faster rider. If you crash, you will ruin everyone's day, especially yours.

4. YOU  ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RIDER BEHIND YOU. When you get to an intersection that requires a turn, check your mirrors. DO NOT MAKE THE TURN until you are certain that the rider behind you sees you. 

5Pass at your own risk.  Pass other vehicles only when it is safe to do so. DO NOT use any hand signals intended to tell the rider behind you what to do; IGNORE any signal you may see from another rider. DO NOT make an unsafe pass because of concern about being left behind -- the rider in front of you will wait for you at the next turn. 

6. Do not tailgate. Maintain a safe braking distance.

7. Leave your ego at home. If you're not comfortable maintaining the pace of the rider in front of you, wave the rider(s) behind you by. 


8. Do not pass others Except when waved by. 

9. Ride in staggered formation on divided highways. Ride single file on secondary roads.

10. Communicate with  least one other rider and the sweep rider  if you need to leave the ride so we don't go in search of you thinking that you crashed or had a mechanical problem.



Looking to join the club?  Visit us at one of our weekly rides and introduce yourself.  Member Signup / Information