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A poll about April’s Ride starting time
Craig Meyers
This message is for any members who are not on Facebook. I am taking a poll about the April start time.
If you did not answer on Facebook then please answer here.

If you are on Facebook and answered there then ignore this post.

, , , Thank you , , , Craig (daTres)


Attention All Members on Facebook !!!

About the Sunday ride on April, 8, 2018;
This is a reminder, I know it will be cold in the morning, However, the start time of the Sunday ride cannot be changed with a Facebook post.

Just like a Sunday ride cannot be changed to Saturday because of pending weather. Not all members are on Facebook and others who are sometimes don’t check it every day.

It appears that now we have two start times for this Sunday. Some members prefer 8am and some 9am. As the official club website states, starting April 1st , the rides start at 8am.

Due to the confusion this Sunday I will arrive at 8am to see if any members show up. If any do I will inform them that there is an additional ride starting at 9am this week. Then they can decide if they want to leave at 0815 or wait for the 9am ride to form.

If anyone chooses to wait ,I will suggest going to the close by gas station for coffee and return with me at 0900 for the East Fishkill ride.

Please! Let’s not have this happen again. If someone wants to set up a ride for another day or another time that is fine. However, it cannot be confused with, or construed to be the official club Sunday ride.

That being said , please read on and reply!
I understand April is a very unpredictable month. Here is a SUGGESTION, , ,

Maybe we should consider changing the 8am start time to May 1st. That will eliminate the unpredictable April weather and make the starting times 6 months at 8am and 6 months at 9am.

If enough members desire that change and agree , I will bring it up at the next Executive Board meeting.
It wouldn’t take effect this April but my opinion is that the 9am April meeting time would be advantageous going forward.

Now, , , Please , , , Every member who reads this on Facebook, , , Please think about the change and reply with your preference. Lets not have 20 or 30 members read this and only 6 reply!

A REPLY IS REQUESTED FROM EVERY MEMBER WHO READS THIS!! We are trying to make the club better for all and responsive to members ideas and opinions.

That’s All Folks! , , , Craig (daTres)

, , , Ride Forever , , , Craig (daTreas)