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11/4/2017 rain Sunday. Ride Saturday!

Lawrence Silverberg

It's called Sunday but there will be no sun. Only rain. Let's ride on Saturday 11/4/2017!

Below is a copy ofy Facebook post for those not in the Facebook group.


I've planned a ride for Saturday, November 4th, 2017.

We will ride some new roads, and many that we have ridden on before.

I've been planning and leading these rides for over one year now!

The first time I led a ride was on September 25, 2016. Other than when I was traveling, or there was bad weather, I've planned a ride every weekend since.

I love planning and leading these rides. I appreciate you all trusting me, allowing me to plan and lead, and for following me each weekend wherever I decide to take you(pl)!

Each and every week since my first lead, I have found multiple new roads to try. I've never led the same route twice either. It's getting slightly harder to find new roads but I've managed each week to try some new.

This week I have found some promising new roads, and I'm excited to check them out.

I've also tried to find new brunch venues most weeks. This week is a new diner that looks very nice, clean and has good yelp reviews.

Thanks for listening to me reminisce.

This week's ride, Saturday 11/4/2017 our destination will be The Sparta Classic Diner in Sparta Township, NJ.

We will do 81 miles, 2 hours and 30 minutes including one stop in the woods. We will spend very little time on the Palisades as we twist North through Rockland County, avoiding congested areas, and include one of my favorite roads; S. Central Hwy in High Tor State Park which was recently paved with a perfectly smooth tarmac as it twists uphill.

Using the satellite view and street view, I've found many roads in 'green areas' with very few houses,and very few intersections.

Hope to see you Saturday.

The weather forecast is still unseasonably warm for late October / November.

I've shared the ride as public in the Rever App, and will post the GPX files before Sunday.