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Sunday October 14th, 2017 (9am start time)

Lawrence Silverberg

Reminder: according to our homepage, we start at 9am Sundays after October 1st.

See you(pl) all at the lookout tomorrow at 9am.

From my facebook post:

I've planned a ride for Sunday, October 15th.

For the first 2/3 we will ride roads that I've taken you on before, and then for the remaining 1/3, I've found some new roads in Passaic, Morris and Sussex counties, NJ.

There's lots of elevation changes, lakes, reservoirs and green areas. There's many areas in the woods without homes and intersections. I used Google Satellite a lot to find less inhabited areas. By twisting back and forth, we can avoid the residential areas. As always, I've stitched together these green areas with the least main thoroughfares possible. (As far as I can tell, there's no dirt roads)

Our ride will be 117 miles, and 3 hours, with two stops along the way.

Destination is the Hampton Diner in Newton, NJ.

Due to all the twisting and winding, we end up not to far from our start point. In fact, with the most direct route, we would be only 66 miles from the Lookout, so it's a short ride home for most.

The weather looks unseasonably warm for mid October. As the weather gets colder, I'll start planning shorter rides, and less highway miles to accommodate. For now we've got a break with some warm weather.